Once you enroll in a dual credit course, you become a student at a partner college.  VCS cannot maintain your dual credit college records or obtain transcripts for you.  You are advised to keep a record of the following information:

  • VCS Course Name 
  • Teacher Name
  • Name of College
  • College Student ID number
  • College Course Name  
  • College Course Number
  • Year Course was taken
  • Copy of the syllabus (Frequently, your future college of choice will need to see a copy of the syllabus in order to provide college credit for your dual credit course. Save and keep this syllabus for up to 8 years to ensure you can access it upon request.)
  • Order and store a copy of your unofficial or official college transcript at the end of the school year.  Please wait to order transcripts until 6 weeks after the completion of your dual credit course.

Last modified: Wednesday, July 26, 2023, 2:13 PM