VCHS Homework Expectations & Time Commitment Worksheet

Research shows that homework at the high school level is linked to college readiness and is needed for the development of student academic behavior such as time management, study skills, persistence, and help-seeking behaviors. Students are expected to practice the above skills and set aside distraction-free time each night to focus on their academic development. When planning their schedules, students should remember that different courses require different amounts of homework and effort outside of the school day. In addition to homework, students often choose to be involved in one or more extracurricular activities. 

Average Homework Commitment 

1. Standard Courses 30 minutes per class meeting
2. Standard Math Courses 45 minutes per class meeting
3. Honors/AP Courses60 minutes per class meeting
Because every student is unique, as students calculate the amount of time they will dedicate to their school work and other activities, they can adjust the homework expectations based on their previous experiences.

Average Extracurricular Commitment

4. Sports 15-18 hours per week
5. Band/Theatre/Dance These outside activities require major time commitments during certain parts of the year.
6. Community Service/Church time varies

Students may use the following worksheet to calculate the amount of time that their academic and extracurricular commitments will require. It is important for families to take into account sufficient time for sleep, family, church activities, friendships, etc.  Parents can help their students prioritize how they should be spending their time, and the academic counseling department is available to help assist families in planning schedules that will provide the appropriate academic rigor to prepare students for college and career success as well as a balanced, healthy life.

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