Course Selection Policies

Course Selection and Enrollment

Students must be formally enrolled at Valley Christian High School for the upcoming school year in order to select courses. The course selection process for currently enrolled students occurs between January-March.

Student Course Advising

Each year, counselors and teachers assist students in selecting the best courses for the following year. Advice is given in a variety of formats including individual counselor meetings, short classroom presentations, and teacher conferences.

Students may make an appointment with their counselor to further discuss course selection, but it is strongly advised to first ask and follow the recommendation of the current teacher. Teachers will provide the most individualized and subject-specific advice.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

The course catalog includes prerequisites and/or recommendations for each course. Please read them carefully before selecting courses. All grade prerequisites are listed as a general letter grade (no pluses/minuses), but the student’s specific grade percentage may be considered when the course list is reviewed by counselors and teachers. Recommendations are important factors that have proven consistent with student success in the classroom.

Course List Review

Counselors and teachers review course lists, checking that each student has met the prerequisites, but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to be aware of the prerequisites and to be sure he/she is enrolled in appropriate courses.

If a student has not met the prerequisite, he/she may be removed from the course and placed in the appropriate level course.

If a teacher or counselor has a concern about a student’s ability to succeed in a course, the counselor or teacher will notify the student of the concern and review possible options.

Enrollment Appeals

If a student does not meet the prerequisites and feels there should be an exception made due to a unique circumstance, the student should write a formal request to the counselor with his/her reasoning. The counselor can then present the appeal to the current teacher and/or future teacher for consideration.

If the student is denied admittance to a course due to concerns expressed by the current teacher and/or future teacher and still wants to enroll, the student should speak to the counselor. In some circumstances the student and parent may need to sign a contract, documenting that they both understand the student is enrolling in a course against counselor and teacher recommendation. Other times the original denial must stand due to the particular demands of the course.

Course Conflicts

Valley Christian High School works diligently to minimize course conflicts, but students with several specialized course requests may be asked to prioritize their course requests. If a student is unable to take a course due to a conflict, the counselor will notify him/her. If the counselor notifies a student of a conflict, the school has already made attempts to move the courses to make the schedule work but was unable to find a solution.

Course Change Requests

Once the course list is posted in Power School for parental review, the student’s course list becomes finalized for the upcoming year. Unless a counselor contacts the student with a conflict or concern, the course list is considered fixed until the start of school. Counselors will not make changes based on preference or due to a new request over the summer. Student course lists are frozen until August.

Auditing Courses

The VCHS  Summer School program allows for courses to be audited, but there are no auditing options during the regular school year.  

8th Period Course Fee

VCHS charges a tuition fee for student’s adding an 8th period course to their schedule.  The fee amount is approximately one seventh of the annual tuition rate, currently $3800. 

 There are a few exceptions to this fee.  Any specialized, non-credit bearing extracurricular activity that is placed within the school day is billed as part of a different cost structure and is not considered an 8th period.

 VCHS will not charge an 8th period fee for the following courses:

  • ASB Student Government
  • Daily Algebra I, Daily Geometry, and Daily Algebra II
  • Study Hall/Resource Study Hall
  • Teacher’s Aid
  • Intro to REACH / REACH 
  • Applied English and Bible Fundamentals
  • Quest Incubator
  • DECA Advisory
  • Foundations of Baseball/ Water Polo
  • Football Performance
  • Outdoor/ Indoor Athletic Performance

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