Reply in a "Forum" activity

Reply in a "Forum" activity

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This is a forum discussion learning activity.

Your course instructor might use this to have you communicate with them and your peers about an important topic in your course. This is a critical element of online learning because it allows you to communicate with your peers, something that you're used to doing in the classroom.


  1. Read the discussion prompt below
  2. Click the reply link to the discussion prompt
  3. Type your reply
  4. Click the save changes button
  5. Respond to another student by replying to their reply

Discussion Prompt:

If you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for 1 year, which 5 objects would you bring with you? Keep in mind that there is NO electricity on the island! Choose your objects carefully then explain your choices in a short paragraph. Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 3 peers.

Also, don't Google this for an answer, please!