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    All Done with Algebra 2! Yeah!

    • Summer Review for Outgoing Algebra II

      As an outgoing Algebra 2 student, you should do 30 minutes of math every week during the summer to keep your math brain functioning at the highest level.  By completing 20 - 30 minutes of review math every week, you will notice that coming back to school in the fall is not as stressful.

      You can complete your summer review using your HMH Fuse: Algebra 2 textbook iPad app that you purchased for Algebra 2 last year.  Most students are not aware of how much the textbook app has to offer.  For example, did you know that your app has all of these review tools?

      • Videos: every major concept has an associated Burger video explaining the concept.
      • Are You Ready?: self-correcting (yep, the app corrects for you!) quiz at the beginning of every chapter.  Let's you know if you are ready for the concepts in this chapter.
      • Skills Practice:  after the quiz, you can practice the basic Algebra or Geometry concepts that the chapter will need.  This skills practice includes more practice quiz problems that are self-corrected.
      • Ready To Go On?: another self-correcting quiz in the middle of each chapter that allows you to gage your understanding on the concepts that have been presented so far in the chapter.
      • Study Guide - Review: more practice of problems from each section of the chapter.  This is a student-corrected activity, meaning that students can check their answers with the answer key as they work the problems or at the end, up to the student!
      • Chapter Test, College Entrance Exam Practice, Test Tackler, and Standardized Test Prep: are all practice tests that you can take to test your knowledge.  No answers are provided for these activities, but it doesn't mean that these are not useful.  Try them!

      Did you ever explore the last sections of your textbook app?  Wow, look what I found...more opportunities to practice!

      • Problem Solving Handbook:  tips and tricks of starting and solving problems.  Great helpful hints!  Check them out!
      • Countdown to Mastery:  this is organized by weeks, so don't know how helpful this might be for you, but try them!  They are 5 problem quizzes that are mixed concepts from all of the chapters.
      • Extra Practice: for every chapter in the app, there is an associated skills practice and applications practice (scroll past the skills practice for each chapter to find these) worksheets.  What a great opportunity to get more practice!

      So, for your 20 - 30 minutes per week, use your textbook app to review all chapters.  Keep that math brain active!

      Some students don't like using the textbook app, well, it is okay I have made worksheets that review each chapter that you can complete in Notability.  The answer key is at the end of the worksheet.  Each worksheet is about 10 questions long and should only take about 15 - 20 minutes of your time, but if it takes longer no worries, do the problems that you need to refresh on.   Pick and choose, but don’t just do the easy problems.  I have organized them into the associated chapters for your textbook app, that way, you can use your app to help you reteach yourself if the videos, read the textbook app.