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  • iPad Setup Checklist (Click here to begin):

    ALL STUDENTS NEW TO VALLEY CHRISTIAN and STUDENTS WITH A NEW iPAD MUST COMPLETE THE NEW iPAD SETUP CHECKLIST. This must be done for all iPads, and must be done AFTER you receive your course list and Warriorlife log in information mid July.
    (If you are using an old, used, or personal iPad that you've previously used, please still follow all of the steps below. Although you may have done some of these steps previously, please make sure you've done them according to our instructions.)

    For best results have a second device available for reading directions.

    1.  Be sure your iPad is connected to your home WiFi.

    2.  You should have the letter you received which included your courses for the coming year and your warriorlife user name and password. These will be mailed out mid July.  If the setup is done prior to having received this letter, you will not be able to complete the setup.

    3.  Complete all 12 steps of the iPad Setup. This will take approximately 2 hours. This needs to be completed before LOST night, if not done you will have to complete it at lOST night before you can receive your schedule.

    4.  Have your parent complete the parent orientation.

    Please follow ALL directions carefully.  If you run into any problems you can contact Mrs. Nancy Franklin for help by emailing Please be sure to include your phone number and the nature of the problem in the email. If it is something we can assist you with by phone, we will.   If further tech assistance is needed we will schedule an appointment for you on July 24, or 31.  Appointments will be scheduled every half hour between 9am - 3pm. 

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  • iPad Parent Orientation:

    All NEW STUDENTS to Valley Christian Junior High  and  STUDENTS WITH A NEW iPAD must complete the iPad Setup checklist prior to LOST night.  

    RETURNING STUDENTS must complete the Returning Student iPad Maintenance checklist prior to LOST night.  

    It is recommended that parents complete the iPad Parent Orientation prior to LOST night.

    Estimated time for completion of the Parent Orientation is approximately 10 minutes.

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  • Returning Student iPad Maintenance

    All returning students to VCJH are required to complete this checklist to ensure that your iPad is optimized for school use.

    Although you may have done some of these steps previously, please make sure you have done them according to our instructions.

    You must complete this before LOST night.  If it isn't completed you will be required to complete it at LOST night before you can receive your schedule.

    NOTE: If you have a new iPad, you must complete the New iPad Setup Checklist AND Returning Student iPad Maintenance!

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  • How to Erase and Restore Your iPad from an iCloud Backup

    If you are experiencing any major software problems with your iPad, you may need to erase and restore your iPad to get a fresh installation of the iOS. Please follow these steps carefully to ensure that your iPad restores with all previous data.

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