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  • This course is designed to present a variety of sports-related topics relevant to middle school students. It provides a foundation for individuals interested in learning how sports psychology, weight training, and nutrition benefit athletes today.  One semester is psychological, the other semester is physical.

    Sports Psychology: Semester Course

    Students will receive an introduction to sports, explore the psychology of sport, and tackle ethical and managerial aspects of sport. The first quarter will be project-based, and students will learn about percentages of getting scholarships, the probability of going pro, and other careers in the sporting world. The second quarter will be lecture-based on mental skills based in Cognitive Behavioral Theory.

    Sports Training: Semester Course

    Students will practice correct weight training and learn the benefit of a nutritious diet.  Students will also have opportunities during this semester to develop practical leadership skills and learn how technology and sport interact.

    Prerequisite: None