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  • Robotics: Semester Course

    This beginning course in STEM robotics will utilize both open-source based RoboQuest technology to allow students to design and build their very own creation, as well as LEGO┬«Mindstorms to learn how to design and program the  EV3 Robotics environment.  Using a hands-on approach, students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts behind robotics, engineering, programming, and operation.  Students will also learn and practice the iterative design process, involving prototyping, testing, and analysis.  The objectives of this course include introducing students to engineering and programming, with the focus of building problem-solving strategies.

    ISS Space Program: Semester Course

    This course is an advanced STEM elective for students interested in space science.  Using project-based learning strategies, students will explore engineering, programming, circuitry, and data analysis to conduct experiments that will be uploaded to the International Space Station (ISS). There is a strong emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. 

    Prerequisite: Students must have a B or higher in their current math class.

    A $75 class fee is required.

    *Qualifies as an AMSE elective