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  • Start a Business: DIY!

    The Start a Business: DIY! elective helps students build an entrepreneurial mindset by teaching critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity (the 4 Cs) while introducing students to how to start a business. The new elective combines lessons from start-ups, businesses, and social entrepreneurs with hands-on activities that teach students how to have a "do it yourself" mindset and relevant skills. Students will learn the design thinking process to create solutions to real-world problems in the community, work in teams, and receive feedback from adult mentors. Faith and Biblical principles are at the center of the learning experience. 

    Business and Entrepreneurship Initiative (BEI) is a K-12 initiative at VCS that seeks to train, shape, and impact future principled leaders by helping students develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

    Ocean Discovery: Semester Course

    This course is a pathway to help students better understand the ocean as a living, ecological system.  Using a hands-on approach, students will develop an understanding of the ocean from various aspects including physical, chemical, biological, geological, and oceanography.  We will explore testing and sampling methods, organismal biology, conservation, and ocean chemistry.  Students will leave the program with a deeper understanding of lab procedures, ocean-related technology, and the ocean’s uniquely balanced ecosystem.

    Prerequisite: None

    A $75 class fee is required.

    *Qualifies as an AMSE elective