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VCS Skyway Library

  • About Our Library

    Contact & About - Distance Learning

    Our Virtual Skyway Library Digital Collection remains available for student research projects.


    Skyway Library’s Zoom office hours:

       For HS students:  Monday–Thursday  11:55am-1:30pm
       ID# 9910668021

       For JH students:  Monday–Thursday   2:25-3pm
       ID# 6588786664

    Contact & About - On-Campus



    During on-campus instruction, the Library opens at 7:15am for high school students and at 8:30am for Junior High students every day.  If you are a Junior High student who needs to use the library or its services between 8 and 8:30 any morning, please visit the Junior High office and request a Library Pass. This only applies to before school JH library use.

    Reminder – Junior high students who arrive on campus before 8am need to go to an “early bird” study hall classroom.

    We close at 5pm Monday-Thursday and 3:30pm on Friday. Our schedule may change on minimum days.

    Library Policies

    Book Check Out

    Students may check out an unlimited number of books for a two-week period.  Items may be renewed once for an additional two weeks.

    Late Books

    Students are charged $0.20 per item / per day for late books.  Fees are not charged until the 6th late day, but are retro-active to the first late day.  A maximum of $4.00 will be charge for each item.  Junior high students may receive lunch detention for unpaid fees and charges.  See the Junior High Student Handbook for more details.  High school students may have their transcripts held until all fees are paid.  The VCS librarian will use discretion in allowing students to check out books if they have overdue books or unpaid fees.

    Lost Books

    Students are expected to replace or pay for lost books.  Students with lost books may have their transcripts held until the book has been replaced or paid for.

    Student Visits

    Students may come to the library during class time if they have a pass from their teacher.  Students who create distractions for other students or do not have schoolwork/research to work on may be asked to return to class.


    Students are expected to respect library materials, library staff, and other students.  Food and drink is not permitted; water bottles only.  Cell phones should be on silent or vibrate and all calls should be answered outside the library.

    Computer Use

    Computers are for school-related projects only.  The librarians reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of any website.  See the Junior High Planner or High School Student Handbook for more information on VCS’ Computer & Internet Use policy.

    Printing & Copying

    The library has a black-and-white printer and copier for student use.  Copies and printing are $0.10 per page.  Students pay for printing by purchasing library punch cards in $1, $2, or $4 increments at the front desk.